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Monsters University (2013)

  • Rate: 7.8/10 total 25,507 votes 
  • Genre: Animation | Adventure | Comedy | Family | Fantasy
  • Release Date: 21 June 2013 (USA)
  • Runtime: 104 min
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Monsters University (2013)

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  • IMDb page: Monsters University (2013)
  • Rate: 7.8/10 total 25,507 votes 
  • Genre: Animation | Adventure | Comedy | Family | Fantasy
  • Release Date: 21 June 2013 (USA)
  • Runtime: 104 min
  • Gross: $218,814,952 (USA) (8 July 2013)
  • Director: Dan Scanlon
  • Stars: Billy Crystal, John Goodman, Steve Buscemi | See full cast and crew
  • Original Music By: Randy Newman   
  • Soundtrack: PNK Pop
  • Sound Mix: Dolby Atmos | Dolby Surround 7.1 | Datasat
  • Plot Keyword: Monster | Friend | University | Prequel | Scared Child

Writing Credits By:

  • Dan Scanlon (story) and
  • Daniel Gerson (story) and
  • Robert L. Baird (story)
  • Daniel Gerson (screenplay) and
  • Robert L. Baird (screenplay) and
  • Dan Scanlon (screenplay)

Known Trivia

  • The first prequel to a Pixar film.
  • Doug Sweetland, who directed the Pixar short Presto, was originally set to direct Monsters University, before being replaced with Dan Scanlon.
  • Mike’s parents were originally planned to be included in the story. They would drop Mike off for his first day at Monsters University. However, director Dan Scanlon decided to drop them from the finished film to make Mike seem just that much more vulnerable.
  • Professor Knight’s lecture hall is room A113, a reference to a room at CalArts where animation classes are taught. All Pixar films have a reference to “A113″.
  • Pixar’s “Luxo Jr.” ball appears as a drawing on the stone wall at the beginning of the first Scare Games task.
  • The area code on Don Carlton’s business card is (510), which is the same as Emeryville, California, where the Pixar studio is located.
  • WILHELM SCREAM: As Mike runs over a student with the floor waxer.
  • The Pizza Planet truck, first featured in Toy Story can be seen parked by the left of the ROR fraternity house during the party. This truck is present in all Pixar feature films, except The Incredibles.
  • When Mike is riding the pig through a fraternity house, one can spot a poster of the 1976 KISS album “Rock And Roll Over” on the wall in the right corner.
  • When Sully enters Mike & Randall’s room with Fear Tech’s pig, a motivational poster can be seen above Randall’s bed that reads “Winds of Change: Shh… Can you hear them?”. This is a reference to a line Randall says to Mike in the locker room during Monster’s Inc.

Goofs: Continuity: When Mike and Sully are first shown their room at the frat house, the light switch is under the top bunk bed. In subsequent shots it has moved closer to the door and is no longer directly under the bed.

Plot: A look at the relationship between Mike and Sulley during their days at Monsters University — when they weren't necessarily the best of friends. Full summary » |  »

Story: Mike Wazowski and James P. Sullivan are an inseparable pair, but that wasn’t always the case. From the moment these two mismatched monsters met they couldn’t stand each other. “Monsters University” unlocks the door to how Mike and Sulley overcame their differences and became the best of friends. Written byDisney/Pixar

FullCast & Crew

Produced By:

  • Pete Docter known as executive producer
  • John Lasseter known as executive producer
  • Kori Rae known as producer
  • Andrew Stanton known as executive producer
  • Lee Unkrich known as executive producer

FullCast & Crew:

  • Billy Crystal known as Mike (voice)
  • John Goodman known as Sullivan (voice)
  • Steve Buscemi known as Randy (voice)
  • Helen Mirren known as Dean Hardscrabble (voice)
  • Peter Sohn known as Squishy (voice)
  • Joel Murray known as Don (voice)
  • Sean Hayes known as Terri (voice)
  • Dave Foley known as Terry (voice)
  • Charlie Day known as Art (voice)
  • Alfred Molina known as Professor Knight (voice)
  • Tyler Labine known as Greek Council VP (voice)
  • Nathan Fillion known as Johnny Worthington (voice)
  • Aubrey Plaza known as Claire Wheeler (voice)
  • Bobby Moynihan known as Chet (voice)
  • Noah Johnston known as Young Mike (voice)
  • Julia Sweeney known as Ms. Squibbles (voice)
  • Bonnie Hunt known as Mrs. Graves (voice)
  • John Krasinski known as Frank McCay (voice)
  • Bill Hader known as Referee / Slug (voice)
  • Beth Behrs known as PNK Carrie (voice)
  • Bob Peterson known as Roz (voice)
  • John Ratzenberger known as Yeti (voice)
  • Lori Alan known as Additional Voices (voice)
  • Bill Farmer known as Additional Voices (voice)
  • Jeff Pidgeon known as Additional Voices (voice)
  • Phil Proctor known as Additional Voices (voice)
  • Jim Ward known as Additional Voices (voice)
  • April Winchell known as Additional Voices (voice)




Production Companies:

  • Pixar Animation Studios
  • Walt Disney Pictures (presents) (as Disney)

Other Companies:

  • Dolby Laboratories  sound mix
  • Intelligent Media  international monitoring agency
  • POP Sound  ADR recording
  • Walt Disney Records  soundtrack


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  • Forum Hungary (2013) (Hungary) (theatrical)
  • Manfer Films (2013) (Bolivia) (theatrical)
  • Walt Disney Studios Japan (2013) (Japan) (theatrical)
  • Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures (2013) (Argentina) (theatrical)
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  • Walt Disney Studios Sony Pictures Releasing (WDSSPR) (2013) (Russia) (theatrical)
  • Zon Audiovisuais (2013) (Portugal) (all media)



Other Stuff

Visual Effects by:
  • Amy L. Allen known as digital artist
  • Robert Anderson known as layout artist
  • Amit Baadkar known as effects technical director
  • Byron Bashforth known as character shading lead
  • Max Bickley known as lighting technical director (as Maxwell Bickley)
  • Jeremy Birn known as lighting artist
  • Jacob Brooks known as hair and cloth lead
  • Jason Davies known as character technical director
  • Francisco DeLaTorre known as matte paint technical
  • Nathan Fariss known as set dressing lead
  • Sebastian Gassel known as global technology engineer
  • Robert Graf known as rendering & optimization artist
  • Bernhard Haux known as character modeler/rigger
  • Alex Hessler known as shading technical director
  • Katherine Ipjian known as groom artist
  • Yibing Jiang known as shading technical director
  • Andrew Jimenez known as visual effects artist
  • Thidaratana Annee Jonjai known as shading technical director
  • Jacob Kuenzel known as illumination engineer
  • Jacob Kuenzel known as lightspeed lead
  • Dominik P. Käser known as technical director: sets technology
  • David Lally known as character cloth artist
  • Thomas Moser known as lightspeed technical director
  • George Nguyen known as character shading technical director
  • Paul Oakley known as lighting technical director
  • Davide Pesare known as shading technical director
  • Nick Pitera known as international technical team
  • Kiki Mei Kee Poh known as character shading and groom artist
  • Jordan Rempel known as master lighting artist
  • Martin-Sebastian Senn known as global technology engineer
  • Martin-Sebastian Senn known as rendering & optimization artist
  • Megan Stifter known as sets shading intern



Filmography links and data courtesy of The Internet Movie Database

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  1. Joejoesan from Amsterdam, The Netherlands
    10 Jul 2013, 3:20 pm

    Of all the Pixar movies Monsters Inc. has always been my absolutefavorite. The incredible story of the remarkable friendship betweenSully, Mike and Boo made me watch the movie more than 10-15 timesalready. When it was released on blu-ray I was the first one to buy it.So when Pixar announced another Monsters movie I got concerned. Howcould Pixar make a better movie than the original? Or even one thatequalled it? But having seen the movie last week I can ensure you all:Pixar is back on top. Monsters University is great fun and it's Pixarbest since Up!.

    Monsters University, a prequel to Monsters Inc., begins with a youngand very little Mike Wazowski (Billy Crystal) still in primary school.After a field trip to Monsters Inc. he has only one dream: to become ascarer. Years later he arrives at Monsters University but soon learnshe still has a long way to go. His main problem? Mike isn't scary atall. He befriends his roommate young Randall (Steve Buscemi), who atthat time is an unimportant loser (and later gets seduced by the darkside). The first night he makes an enemy out of Sully (John Goodman), afreshman who thinks that his family name (of legendary scarers) isenough to get him through school. A personal vendetta is born.

    Things go wrong when Mike and Sully accidentally destroy a sacred itemthat belongs to the devilish Dean Hardscrabble (a brilliant HelenMirren). They get expelled from all Scare Classes and will not graduateas a real Scarer. Luckily Mike comes up with a plan, a bet with thedean. If he finds a team to compete in the Scare Games and if he indeedwins, he's allowed to follow the Scare Classes until the end. DeanHardscrabble approves. Now it's up to Mike, Sully and his team oflosers to work as a team and go the distance…

    In Monsters University the Scare Games are very well done. I can seeboth kids and adults laughing their socks off when Mike and Sully, inthe same team but still enemies, are doing their first race and try notto step on the items that make their body grow. Bizarre, but hilarious!Their next assignment, when they have to steal something in thelibrary, is also a winner. But what really works in Monsters Universityis that the story is mainly about friendship. We not only see how Mikeand Sully turn from big enemies into big friends; they become soulmates for life. To join the Scare Games Mike must find five extramembers to form a team and the only ones left are a bunch of nerds thatno one pays attention to and a big blue monster that he absolutelyhates (Sully). Still Mike succeeds in making it work.

    Even when you know that Mike and Sully will win the Scare Games (thatisn't a spoiler, is it?), this film isn't predictable at all. Itdoesn't end with Sully holding up the Scare cup but it takes one moregreat scene to bring Mike and Sully definitely together. I will notspoil it for you, but it involves a door to the human world and alittle green monster that's depressed.

    Monsters University is a great film. It's both funny and sentimental inall the right places. Fans of the first movie will see a lot of cameosin this one (Yeti!). The story ends when Monsters Inc. begins. I willeven advise the next generation to see Monsters University first andthen go on to Monsters Inc.

    Yeah, my faith in Pixar is restored. Although I must confess that withPlanes coming up, things can change very fast in the wrong direction.But maybe that's because I have never liked the Cars movie.


  2. jonedney124 from United Kingdom
    10 Jul 2013, 3:20 pm

    When I first heard about this and saw trailers, I felt like it would beOK, a good laugh but not enough to really challenge other Pixar films.I can safely say that I was wrong on that score, for it manages to notonly be successful prequel to the original film but also a great filmin its own right. Billy Crystal and John Goodman slip effortlessly backinto their roles as Mike Wazowski and Sully despite playing youngerversions of themselves. The other main highlight of the voice cast isHelen Mirren's intimidating Dean Hardscrabble, who is a menacingpresence and I'm sure the design of her character was modelled onMaleficent from Sleeping Beauty. Steve Buscemi's Randall also returnsand although I felt that he would have a stronger part in the movie,the seeds are sown for his villainous ways in the original.

    What astounded me was the creativity throughout the film, the effortthat had gone into the university environment and the monsters thatinhabited it (there's one monster who has university down pat in ahilarious moment that all students will understand!). The newcharacters that become Mike and Sully's friends, the Oozma Kappa gang,are all adorable and memorable, providing a lot of the film's humour aswell as one of its most touching moments towards the end. The film isconsistently hilarious but also remembers that it has to develop theinitial rivalry then friendship of Mike and Sulley. The world set up inthe original is also included more than I thought it would (a couple oftrips to Monsters Inc. itself) and there are some brilliant cameos fromtwo memorable characters from Inc.

    Although the friend I was watching it with said that the film was lowstakes, as you knew how it would end, I found that the film stillmanaged to feel fresh despite dealing with underdog clichés and theproblem of being a prequel. In a Q and A after the preview screening,the director and producer said that this was about when your dreamsdon't come true: a strangely anti-Disney philosophy in many ways butone that is honest and teaches kids reality about the world of work,none more so than a delightful montage of pictures explaining how Mikeand Sully ended up in their respective positions in Inc. I haven't seenCars 2 (not sure I want to) and although I enjoyed Brave, it isdefinitely lesser Pixar fare whereas Monsters University sees them backat the top, creating a touching and hilarious story that will hopefullysee them get back to dishing out the quality every time.

    I am a bit confused as to some of the critical reviews, and why thisfilm currently has 75% on Rotten Tomatoes is beyond me. I sincerelyhope this will go up, because it should be nearer 90. I watched FindingNemo in 3D in April and although Nemo isn't my favourite Pixar, MU iseasily as good as that. One critic argues that this film is too similarto The Internship…well that's the Internship's problem, as this filmwill have been longer in the making undoubtedly and judging from IMDbscore doesn't seem to have anywhere near the same creativity andimagination behind it. This may not scale the heights of the Toy Storytrilogy but it most certainly is not forgettable and the fact that Inearly shed a tear at one point (and it was NOT for the main twocharacters funnily enough) proves that the film gives more than just'how did Sulley and Mike become friends'. If everyone keeps expectingPixar to produce a Toy Story every time and if they leave a film havingnot experienced that and express their disappointment/outrage as aresult, that's unfair. My favourite Pixars are Toy Story 1-3, MonstersInc and Wall-E (10/10), then Incredibles, Up, Finding Nemo, Bug's Life(9/10) and I would place Monsters University just after A Bug's Lifebut in many ways it's probably better.

    9/10 (RT had better follow suit)

  3. Brandon Oberdorf from United States
    10 Jul 2013, 3:20 pm

    First and foremost, this movie should be almost painfully relatable tothe Disney Renaissance Generation. For the convenience of the meaningstold in Disney and Pixar films, couldn't be more relatable to the ageof those born in the mid 90's growing up. Also, for the question of aMonsters Inc. Prequel being necessary? Make that decision after thecredits roll, for this was the most enjoyable movie I've seen so far in2013. In an overwhelming blockbuster summer of over-hyped excitementfollowed by mild to severe disappointment, Monsters University isn'tjust a good sign for Pixar, it's a good sign that 2013 can be one ofthe best years of film.

    Now! On to the review! The story of the origin of the friendshipbetween one-eyed Mike Wazowski and the blue furred James P. Sullivan intheir freshman year at Monsters University. This film has homages toall the classic college comedy movies, and as it doesn't hold out onlaughs for the kids and adults, it has a great amount of heart.Questions of what the future holds, and if our dreams are as possibleas we hope they are. Punches aren't pulled on these questions, which iswhy it isn't just some animated movie to take the kids to see.

    References to real college life are blended with superb imagination ofthe monster world. Rather it be a long blonde haired guitar player, orthe horns on the school bus. All original voice talent returns andkeeps up with the track record of great performances in Pixar films.Billy Crystal, John Goodman, and Steve Buscemi grasp their charactersand give them entirely different motivations compared to the original.Instead of a hardworking team, the two have a rivalry, and thesupporting cast of their fraternity supply more relatability with agreat variety of lovable monsters who help fill the story with evenmore heart.

    The compatibility with Mike and Sully can be a bit surprising, for oneis the study hard teachers pet, and the other a natural born scarestudent. And just as you think your more like one, the other comes inand you realize that even monsters can be scared of the real world justlike us today. Fear of what life has in store, and if we have thetalent to fulfill our dreams. This is a theme a lot of critics aremissing, and shines making it worthy of being a great Pixar movie andprequel to a great classic.

    The story isn't terribly generic as one may think, and every act ismore different from the last. Starting with the clash between Mike andSully, then onto the scare games, an intense series of games thatdeclare supremacy of M.U. For the third and final act couldn't be moresurprising though. It not only serves as a great climax, but somethingthat we can once again commend Pixar for telling great stories in outof the box thinking that we should think paying for the $10 dollarticket is worth it. And boy did I think this movie was worth it, for Iwill be definitely be seeing it a second and possibly third time. Itwasn't a prequel we originally wanted, but it was a film that we andPixar needed. And boy am I glad it happened.

  4. David Maldonado from Puerto Rico
    10 Jul 2013, 3:20 pm

    Monsters University is the best Pixar film since Toy Story 3 in 2010,and as good as Monsters Inc.

    After Toy Story 3, Pixar Animation has been doing films that got shortfor the standards make by them. Cars 2 in 2011 didn't make it to thefinal round on the Academy Awards and Brave in 2012 won that year justbecause it was Pixar and they didn't receive the Oscar the year before,but the movie didn't have anything special. So, after the good streakof Wall-E, Up and Toy Story 3, Pixar fell way too low, buy this summerthey have raise up and brought the perfect family movie of 2013 (byfar).

    Even thou we are seeing some of the old characters like (obviously),Mike, Sully, Randall and even George Sanderson (the monsters that isshaved for the 3312 alert), this movie feels different from itspredecessor/sequel. What Monsters Inc. gain in sweetness with the Boo'scharacter, this one compensates it with laughs. Since Finding Nemo in2003, Pixar films has lost a little laughs, and introduced sweetness,but in University the smiles are back.

    But it's not only about the laughs. The whole philosophy of the worldis different. Inc. was about questioning the world they live in andeverything they know about human kids. In University, scaring a kid isa good thing and is what give value a monster. If a monster is notscary then, what kind of monster is it? So, those two simple thingsgave the movie a whole new and different vibe.

    The story is pretty much what we have seen in the trailers, butfunnier. However, there are some unexpected twists that make it a evenmore solid film. So, we are safe to say that you haven't seen it all,even if you have seen every single trailer and clip in the internet.The ending is great, odd coming from Pixar, it works perfectly to thestory when you think about it and don't make room for any sequel to theprequel, because it closes every gap.

    It would be a cliché to say that the animation is amazing. This isPixar that we're talking about. All the details on hair, scales, skinand even feathers are stunning. Even better than that is the animationon the characters expression. It is unbelievable. They don't have tosay a word to send a message because with their faces they say it all.Sully could be an Academy Award winner, but what Mike does with one eyeand a round body doesn't have a word to be described.

    Some people will say that in Monsters Inc. Mike says to Sully, "Youhave been jealous of my looks since fourth grade". However, thecharacters first meet in college. Well, director Dan Scalon said thatthey actually thought about that and get to the conclusion that Mikesaid that as a common expression referring to a long time period andnot literally that they have meet since 4th grade. The only problem isthat to sustain that excuse they should have use it at least one timein this film. However, we never hear such a phrase to be told by Mikeor any other character in the film. That will make those people thinkthat Scalon only said that excuse to safe the story.

    If you are human enough to ignore that stupid and insignificantexpression, then you will enjoy Monsters University. You will laugh,the kids will love it and everyone will remember why they fell in lovewith Pixar and this particularly characters 12 years ago.

  5. keyos27 from Vancouver
    10 Jul 2013, 3:20 pm

    With Animation industries overproducing computer-animated films forsequels and series, expectations from critiques and longtime cartoonlovers who grew up with classic Disney movies are pretty high. For thisreason, It has been a while since I was surrounded by parents whobrought their children to let them enjoy bright and comical scenes.

    After coming to the theater with low excitement, not only did thismovie exceed my expectation but it also proved that Pixar is not a sortof company that tries to take audience's wherewithal by making amediocre prequel based on the reputation of an original one.

    While Pixar consistently unleashes intriguing, unique, and appealingcharacters with flexible movements and simplified traits that attract awide range of audiences, especially with this one where it is all aboutpresenting different types of monsters with extraordinary looks andabilities, the highlight of "Monsters University" was an absolutestorytelling skill that moved everyone's motion.

    As the setting takes place in the old days before Mike and Sullivanbegan to work together in Monsters, inc. You get to find out how theymet and grew their friendship slowly and interestingly. The storyconsists of both internal and external conflicts that college studentscan unanimously relate to. Pixar did an amazing job on capitalizing asmuch college-related elements as possible to emphasize the importanceof corroborations, personal identity, and working hard to achieve yourgoal. There are also tons of humors that are funny enough to make youlaugh periodically.

    In a nutshell, this is a sincere and endeavored film that was createdto send us various messages that can help us progress in many differentways. I strongly recommend this to all the students out there who arestruggling with their school life. It was such an inspirational movieand Pixar still rocks!

  6. planktonrules from Bradenton, Florida
    10 Jul 2013, 3:20 pm

    " Monsters University" is a new film from Pixar that is a prequel totheir film "Monsters Inc.". In addition to the two main characters, awhole lot of new characters are introduced at the college that Mike andSully attended. The plot involves Mike trying to become a 'scaringmajor'—something quite unthinkable since he isn't the least bit scary.There's a lot more to the film than this, but I won't spoil it bysaying more about the plot.

    My daughter was lucky enough to go to the debut of "MonstersUniversity". She liked it but also felt the story was disappointingsince it lacked original characters and the story reminded her of toomany college films (like "Revenge of the Nerds" and "Animal House"). Mywife saw it with me and she said that the film put her to sleep! Thisis all very odd, as I am usually the most difficult to please in thefamily when it comes to films—yet I thoroughly enjoyed the film andnearly gave it a 9. While I would agree it lacks originality, it didmake me smile. It was a nice, gentle film—one that I didn't mind justwatching without picking it apart (like I usually do). Much of this isbecause the CGI was simply gorgeous and It was a pleasure watching sucha beautiful film…as well as such a nice and enjoyable film.

  7. andre_rox99 from United Arab Emirates
    10 Jul 2013, 3:20 pm

    MONSTERS UNIVERSITY is a prequel to MONSTERS INC., directed by DanScanlon. The characters include the voices of Billy Crystal, JohnGoodman, Hellen Mirren.

    The film goes back to where Mike Wazowski and James P. Sullivan werebefore they were buddies and in Monsters Inc. It shows how the two ofthem were in university, showing the relationship between them whichled up to the two of them becoming the best of friends.

    Alright, so MIKE AND SULLY ARE BAACKK!!! Well, thats what every kid oradult that was associated with the enjoyment of Monsters Inc shouldsay. Okay, so it's been 12 years since we saw these two on-screen,providing us with animated humor, and now they're back again, to showus how they were in University. The teaser trailer was extremely funnyas it showed a prank played on Mike by Sully, and it gave a shortlook-in into the sort of relationship we would be seeing. Soon enough,the trailer came out and boy did it get people hooked. Finally, I wasable to catch a premiere screening of the film, to my advantage, and ITWAS GREAT.

    So let's start talking about the film, not necessarily the trailers.Who are we kidding, at first when we heard that Monsters University wascoming, that a sequel was coming to the classic Monsters Inc, we gaveup hope, saying that no one could make it better than the first one.But Dan Scanlon challenged that, and the first teaser proved it. And Ithink that the movie does it as well- kinda. So, Monsters Universityisn't AS good as Monsters Inc, but it does come second in line. Itincludes Mike and Sully in an underdog team, but throughout the film,you can't help and laugh out at the jokes, and smile at the fact thatthe sequel is finally out.

    Monsters University is GREAT. It has two parts and its all happy andfun. I, honestly, liked the way they showed the chemistry developingbetween Mike and Sully. You can actually feel it, and even though itsanimation, it feels real. This one isn't quite sad, like how Inc was.Inc ended in a sad tune, at the fact that Boo was gone, but this oneends at the beginning of Inc. I loved the way it ended. The line thatMike uses just makes you go like, 'YEAH! Thats what I'm talking about!'Honestly, I'm not gonna say any more, because I don't wanna spoilanything for anyone.

    In the end, Monsters University is great fun. Pixar has done it again,the director has managed to do it. I don't think that there is gonna beanother part to the franchise, which kinda dulls me, but at the end ofMonsters University it makes you wanna see more, which you will onlyget by watching Inc, since its the continuation. Go watch MonstersUniversity, with anyone to be honest. I guarantee you an extremely funride that these two will give you.


  8. Swive from United States
    10 Jul 2013, 3:20 pm

    I generally hate prequels. The suspense isn't there because you knowthe future and they are usually poorly made to boot.

    This is an exception. We already like the characters and they made itexciting and somehow put in suspense. You really don't know how thewhole thing will unfold and the end is not what you expect.

    Generally, in this sort of movie, Mike and Sully would have triumphed,won the competition and become the stars of the school but they didn'tfollow this cliché and I liked that.

    They showed that you can fail at one thing and still succeed. I enjoythis much more than most kids' movies.

  9. Marmaduke90 from Australia
    10 Jul 2013, 3:20 pm

    One of the more understated strings in the bow of animation giant Pixarare the moral lessons that their films provide to audiences. In 2001Monsters, Inc. introduced us to Mike and Sully, two monsters that werepart of a corporation where monsters could travel through teleportationdoors and into bedrooms of children to scare them so that their screamswould power their operations. Children were also seen as dangerousoutsiders until the business learnt that laughter is a more successfulfor increasing production. Overcoming our fears, risk taking andlaughter are lessons that the animation studio itself taught us andembraced on its own.

    Pixar have again upheld this optimistic, moral outlook because MonstersUniversity is a celebration of diversity and learning your specialistskills. The film is a prequel to the 2001 film, with Billy Crystal andJohn Goodman reprising their roles as monsters Mike and Sully, who arenot friends but college rivals learning the trade of scaring and hopingto be accepted into the Monsters, Inc.

    The film will give parents an opportunity to talk to their childrenabout the subject of college in a positive outlook. In American therehas rarely been a more important time to have this conversation. TheHuffington Post wrote in April that there had already been thirteencollege shootings this year. In 2007 thirty-two people were shot deadat Virginia Tech. Though never short of funding, the American educationsystem also still produces consistently subpar performances. Counteringthese pillars of fear and tension, Monsters University captures theemotions of college life and then gleefully subverts them.

    The core of the film is the friendship of Mike and Sulley, whorepresent contrasting attitudes in college study life. Mike ishardworking, ambitious and by the book but also small, an outcast and aloner. He wants to be the sole leader. Sulley is unprepared, lazy andcoasts off his family name as a Sullivan. He's bigger, moreintimidating and popular than Mike and expects everything will comethrough his natural ability and that he doesn't need to study. Aftermaking a bet with Dean Hardscrabble (Helen Mirren), they're throwntogether into a Scare Games contest, where they reluctantly bandtogether, along with other loners, to complete a series of challengesto stay enrolled in the college.

    Each game played against the other rival fraternity houses gives thefilm a story structure that is not dissimilar to The Internship. Unlikethat film though, you actually care dearly about the characters. Thisis one of Pixar's greatest strengthens, not just as animators but asfilmmakers. Each of the hilarious characters, including a middle-agedstudent and a two-headed dancer, helps to understand each other'sstrengths and how to use these in the tasks.

    It could be viewed as a generic 'be yourself' message but in thecontext of a college setting its thematically sensible because collegeshould be a place where people learn their own skills and can takeunexpected detours and still succeed. For those assuming this is aderivative underdog story, there is a huge point of conflict in thisfilm, coupled with Pixar's trademark lump in the throat moments, as thestory shifts into its darker unexpected final act.

    The director of the film was Dan Scanlon, who worked as a storyboardartist for Pixar on Cars. He graduated from Columbus College of Art andDesign with a Bachelor of Fine Arts and in his first Pixar film asdirector he has used these visual skills exceptionally. The film ishysterically funny, partly due to the wit but also the number of sightgags on display.

    Monsters University itself resembles a proper college, with lecturerooms, dorms and orientation stalls, and uses this detail to referenceold college films and campus stereotypes. I liked the variety in themonster designs, like how one of the students had a moustache shapedlike a vampire bat or the Gothic monster that had spikes coming out ofthe microphone she was holding. Dan Scanlon also controls the beats ofthe story so that there are breathing spaces between the challenges andthat action sequences are brisk and never overlong.

    Hollywood films now are bigger and louder, but with little to say.Monsters University is a rare blockbuster that could teach audiencessomething. The film is about learning to accept fear and failure, whileremaining hopeful about change and growth through our different skills.Pixar's personal talent is that their films are still as simulating asthey are funny and creative.

  10. veronica121971 ( from Mexico
    10 Jul 2013, 3:20 pm

    It's always been said that second parts are never good. However; Pixaris an exception to the rule. First with Toy Story 2, and Toy Story 3both moving stories from the point of view of children and adults.Realizing how hard is to grow up. Now with Monsters University theytake you to a world full of fantasy where Mike Wazowski is the perfectmetaphor of a person who follows his dreams, and even exceeds his ownexpectations. Trying to become a Professional Scarer, he finds his wayto become the best coach at Monsters University. A touching movie thatteaches you that if you never learn to be scare you will never learn tobe brave.

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